Graphology : A blend of art and science

Hussaina Barudwala Graphology, Grapho analysis or handwriting analysis is the study of handwriting where it gives an unbiased outline of an unique personality and behavioral patterns without the person even being present . According to a National Pen Company in the U.S., your Handwriting can give away 5,000 personality traits based on how you... Continue Reading →

Writing or Typing? Importance of Writing

Hussaina Barudwala, Elevate Minds According to research in 2013 at Neurological Journal Cortex, any form of handwriting improves your memory retention and also sharpens your brain. When you write something with your hand, your brain engages in a very unique way. It activates major areas of your brain like language, thinking and working memory, encouraging... Continue Reading →

Is your partner selfish??

A signature is one of the most important aspect in Handwriting. It's says a lot about the person's personal and professional life. But the simplest thing a person can understand at a glance is, if their partner is selfish. How? When a person only writes their name in the sign (no other elements like surname... Continue Reading →

A true case…

Another session of change:A case which teaches a lot.A 10 year traumatic relationship and the struggle to let go..This relationship made the individual lose confidence, faith in good, hate for self and life in general and clueless about life. A relationship can definitely make us or break us... We have to choose wisely... During the... Continue Reading →

Does your partner know about your “needs”?

I meet a lot of couples for relationship Counseling. They start talking about their problems and when I ask them about their physical (intimate) relationship suddenly they start looking here and there. Trying to avoid that conversation. Yes, it's still difficult for people to talk about it and even difficult to tell their partner's what... Continue Reading →

Are you contributing in your relationship?

For any relationship to work it needs equal efforts. One sided involvement or compromise will not help the relationship to sustain for long. Recent years in the process of becoming independent and strong we forget we need to sometimes change, compromise and give time for our relationship. There are no two individuals alike; to sustain... Continue Reading →

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